Stop Smoking

This FREE service is available to Canterbury people who are wanting to stop smoking

The journey to stop smoking can be tough, so the service aims to make it as easy and as fun as possible by understanding what will work best for you. Whether your needs are  cultural, health and wellbeing, whānau or social.

For example, we will come to where you are including your workplace, church, Marae, school, sports club, university or at home with whānau. We are happy to work with a group of whānau and friends or work individually with you.

Our sessions  will support you to decide what is going to best support your stop smoking journey.


Watch to hear from Ōtautahi smokers

Ōtautahi smokers share stories of the harm caused by their addiction in the following short film, Community Voices, a Smoke-free Canterbury initiative, featuring our Smoke-Free practitioner Teresa Butler and her clients.



Referrals can be made to directly to our Stop Smoking Practitioner, Teresa Butler, or through Te Hā-Waitaha.

Teresa was nominated for the Tariana Turia Award for her mahi with and helping many whānau in a variety of different settings (i.e., Marae, medical centres, Salvation Army AOD services, factories, communities and in the whānau home). The Award recognises significant contributions to reducing the impact of tobacco on indigenous populations within the Oceania region, due to the massive inequity in harm from smoking within these groups.

Stop Smoking Success Stories

You can do it. Read these success stories.

Plus, you can read our own Stop Smoking Practioner’s moko kauae journey


Rongoā   Te Puawaitanga ki Ōtautahi Trust’s Rongoā Service is designed to support whānau using traditional Māori healing. Rongoā provides a holistic approach to health, encompassing all aspects of wellbeing – Te taha whānau, Te taha tinana, Te taha hinengaro, Te taha wairua.   This is achieved with the use of ngā taonga pūoro (traditional…

Trish’s Kōrero

Trish couldn’t believe she never thought about stopping smoking. She knew it was time to seek professional help. The 21mg patch & 2mg lozenge are her nicotine replacement therapy tools. Along with the amazing support of her tane (Glen). Combined together then complement each other to a successful, supportive SMOKE FREE PLAN. KA MAU TE…

Trevor’s Kōrero

Trev (52) of Hornby has been smokefree for 10 weeks now. His harm reduction tools are vaping and patches. Trev has saved $700 during this time. With his extra money he treats himself to a lovely curry from Hornby Mall a couple of times a week. Trev says he is proud of himself and looks…

Tony’s Story

Tony 41 of  Hornby says: I started dabbling around with smoking around age 14 or 15 years old. It all started with a group of high school friends who I was knocking round with, I guess that it all started with a “here, try one of these” moments. I don’t know what made me even…

Sue’s Kōrero

Sue (54) of Parklands has saved well over $2,000 since quitting smoking. Smoking since the age of 13 and two heart attacks later, Sue knew it was time to give it up. She wants to be able to run around with her dogs showing them off in breeding events all over Christchurch, without struggling to…

Regien’s Kōrero

Reg (73) of Hornby switched her smoking habit to crochet knitting. Saving over $3,000 in the eight weeks since quitting. Reg says, “I see the money I would have bought smokes with in my bank account every week growing and growing. I have never had this sort of money before. I have made three beautiful…

Paulette’s Kōrero

I tried so many times to give up smoking. The longest time was three months. I am one month in now. I think I will give up for good this time, because I am in a different mindset and feeling good about things. My son says, “Smoking stinks … Mum doesn’t smell anymore.” KA MAU…

Naveed’s Kōrero

Naveed (33) of Hornby sends this message to whānau wanting to give up smoking, “Make a quit date, be mentally strong, let family and friends know you are on this journey. Make those small changes and stick to them. It is not easy, but with the right positive support your get through it. My brilliant…

Nakisha’s Kōrero

Nakisha (35 weeks hapū) says, “I don’t want to cut my years short. I want to be SMOKE FREE for my pēpē. I don’t want him to smoke. I want my son to look up to me as a PROUD SMOKE FREE MUM.” KA MAU TE WEHI NAKISHA!

Kate’s Kōrero

Kate (47) of Riccarton is saving more than $85 a week from quitting smoking. Kate says, “This makes me feel good. It’s time to go shopping and treat myself.” KA MAU TE WEHI KATE!

Kat’s Kōrero

Kat (30) of Riccarton says, “I’m better than where I was five weeks ago. This is my new morning routine, reaching for my Varenicline medicine. No more butt runs for me. I’m not 100% fully smoke free yet. I’m trying hard everyday using the Varenicline pill first thing in the morning and again at dinner…

Hope and Julian’s Kōrero

Hope and Julian of Papanui went SMOKE FREE together and put their money towards a new car. KA MAU TE WEHI, HOPE & JULIAN!

Hazel’s Kōrero

Hazel (78) of Hornby is eight weeks SMOKE FREE now. Saving $280 a week from buying cigarettes. Hazel support medicines are patches, lozenges and vaping. She is preparing herself for a major vascular operation and is very excited to share her smoke free journey with her doctors. Hazel is positive for the future and never…

Frances’ Kōrero

This is my mother Frances Butler 71 yrs old and my baby Tiger 19 months old. Mum has given me the okay to give her story and the photo of her and my baby Tiger Werahiko Butler. Here is the story: December 2016, our wonderful mother of seven children & 19 grandchildren started her smoke…

Cath’s Kōrero

Cath (56) of Hornby used patches, gum, lozenges and vape to help her quit smoking. Smoke free now for 11 weeks. She says, “I’ve saved truck loads of money and I feel cleansed and healthier.” KA MAU TE WEHI, CATH!