This is my mother Frances Butler 71 yrs old and my baby Tiger 19 months old.

Mum has given me the ok to give her story and the photo of her and my baby Tiger Werahiko Butler.

Here is the story:

December 2016 our wonderful mother of 7 children & 19 grandchildren started her smokefree journey and is now STILL SMOKEFREE.

Mum has smoked for well over 50 years. Due to health problems mum went cold turkey. Mums motivation was for her mokopuna and to get her breathing back on track.

Suffering from emphysema and asthma mum decided she had, had enough. Mum is supported by myself a ‘Stop Smoking Practitioner’ for ‘Te Puawaitanga Ki Otautahi Trust’.

I was able to educate mum around the harmful effects of smoking and value she would get from quitting. Mum has saved well over $700 since quitting and enjoys shopping for pretty dresses for her youngest mokopuna Tiger (pictured here). Mum says ‘if I can do it anyone can do it, its never too late’. ‘I look at my mokopuna Tiger and she makes me cry, because if I didn’t stop smoking I wouldn’t be here today’. ‘My whanau mean everything to me’. ‘I can’t stand the smell of smokes now, it makes me feel ill’. ‘I eat a lot more chocolate now, its better than smokes and I need the fat on my bones’….mum laughs. ‘When I was smoking I found it hard to do the basic things, even walking out to the letterbox, but now I can walk through the mall and go and have a kai with my mokopuna at the food court and we go shopping looking through all the shops with no problems’.