Te Puawaitanga ki Ōtautahi Trust provides free COVID-19, influenza and outreach immunisations to you and your whānau.


Protecting your whānau

We can be proud of what we have done to protect each other from COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. Let’s not waste our hard mahi. We still need to protect our whānau and communities from the COVID-19 virus, its variants and other infectious diseases.

If you are unsure about vaccination, we are happy to kōrero with you and listen to your pātai (questions). Phone 0800 TP MOBILE (876 624) or email tpmobile@omwwl.maori.nz.

For information about symptoms, testing, how to prepare for COVID-19 and where to get local support, go to our page here.

Your questions about vaccination

It is normal to have questions about vaccination. We have provided some answers to some of the most common questions our nurses have been helping whānau with, such as:

  • How do we know it is safe?
  • How does the vaccine help protect us?
  • Are there any side effects?

Go to our questions and answers page.

Where to get your vaccine

We offer the Pfizer vaccine to anyone aged five years or older. First booster vaccines are available to anyone aged sixteen years and older. Second booster vaccines (six months after your first booster and three months after having had COVID-19) are available to whānau as follows:

  • Māori and non-Māori, 50 years and older
  • Health and aged care workers, 30 years and older
  • Immune compromised due to multiple factors, 16 years and older (please ask)

Te Puawaitanga ki Ōtautahi Trust offers community vaccination clinics and runs a mobile home visiting vaccination service (for those eligible).

Please phone us to kōrero further on 0800 TP MOBILE (876 624), or book here to request an in-home vaccine.

Visit us at our next community vaccination event

Check our event calendar for our upcoming events