Agnes (73) of Islington has two children and a husband that gave up smoking 40 years ago cold turkey. Her family would always nag at her to give it up. When they came to the house all they could smell was smoke.

Agnes would smoke five packets a week, even the checkout operator at the supermarket knew what she purchased each week and would have them waiting for her on arrival.

Agnes has saved over $2,000 since quitting and has purchased a walking frame to help her get around. Agnes says, “before quitting I would have had to save for months to purchase things I needed. But now I can go out and just grab what ever I need with no worries.”

Agnes was introduced to the dreadful cigs at the age of 18 years old by her mother who said, “have one” and her whole family smoked. Agnes would always say to her family, “if I get a smokers cough I will give up,” but she never got it, so never bothered about it.

Agnes decided to give up smoking due to falling ill with pneumonia.

Winfield menthol 20s were her best friend but now Agnes reaches for the 4mg mint gum that has supported her keep on the SMOKE FREE path along with Teresa’s guidance.